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Hello and welcome! Spectral Evidence is an upcoming audio drama under the Aster Podcasting Network, and this is our lovely website. Thank you for checking us out!


Birdie is a trans girl and aspiring journalist on the precipice of adulthood who prepares to leave her hometown of Wyrm Harbor. Trailblazing a path of success for herself after unimaginable personal tragedy, she is halted in her tracks by a string of disappearances - again.Finding herself saddled with unpredictable and dangerous magical abilities, she stumbles to navigate a new world of mystery she has no intention of leaving unsolved.



Eli Ramos - Sound editor and producer

Calliope Monroe - Writer and showrunner

Inigo Sherwani - Script editor

Check out Mariana Scherer, the artist of the podcast cover and the art featured on this website!

Voice Talent

Georgia Head as Birdie Aylesworth

Romeo Di Giovanni as Kit Bailey

Tilian Colón as Jules Aylesworth

Cydonia as Miss April June

Inigo Sherwani as Molly Wingfield

Breeana Aplin as Friday Dao

Indigo Keener as Ruth Belrose

Lillie Celeste Davis as Alice Eve-Mae

Additional voices provided by Eli Ramos and Clary Cheung.

Special Thanks

Thank you especially to the Coquille Tribe for telling their stories in documents and dissertations such as this one here. I would highly suggest checking out their online library as well on your free time!